App Download

Use our Mohawk app to easily get product
information and order online or offline.

Features & Benefits:
  • Full suite of over 10k products
  • Easy ordering interface
  • Order online and offline
  • Access to Customer Rep information
  • Download all your custom products and pricing
  • Secure ordering
Use our app in the back of the warehouse out of wi-fi range.

When you download the app you can use the app online or offline. So when you are not in a wi-fi spot you can still use the app to look for product and place an order. The app holds the order until you hit a wi-fi spot. Then the order gets sent of automatically.
How to download our app.
  1. You can start the download to your ipad or iphone from the link below, coming soon.
  2. The initial download of the app will take approximately 12 minutes.
  3. Click the share icon and add icon to the homescreen. You can now access the Mohawk app using the Mohawk icon on your home screen.